Purina Coupons

Purina is passionately committed to making pets’ lives better. As the pace of change in pet care accelerates, Purina is a leader with fresh, innovative approaches to making the lives of dogs and cats better. They are proud of their heritage, and they are constantly exploring new trends and ideas that define the future of pet care and of Nestle Purina. Read a guide to choosing a pet.

Purina knows firsthand the joy that dogs and cats bring to life. Pets occupy our hearts, our minds, our homes—you’ll even find them at Purina offices. We never tire of enriching their lives, as they enrich ours. Using these coupons can help you save. That’s why Purina’s top priority is to insure the quality of the food that nourishes not only your pets, but the pets we share our lives with. Rest assured that when it comes to feeding your pet food from Purina, you’re feeding the best.

Purina Ingredient Sourcing: Purina ingredient sourcing and processing meet or exceed FDA, USDA or AAFCO standards for pet food. Every supplier of ingredients for Purina products must meet our stringent standards for ingredient specifications, product safety, sanitation and manufacturing practices. Learn how to care for your pet.

Ingredient Testing: All of Purina’s North American manufacturing facilities have on-site quality assurance laboratories and staff. Purina is expanding the use of technology to further screen ingredients for quality assurance.

Ingredient Tracking & Control: 99% of all Purina pet food products sold in the U.S. are made in Purina-owned U.S. manufacturing facilities. Purina’s sophisticated tracking system ensures important measures of control: All raw ingredients are tracked from time of receipt at the plants, through their inclusion in finished products, and on to retail stores. Obviously, they take great care making Purina food enjoyed by your pet. (After all, it’s the same food they feed their pets.) Because in the end, pet care isn’t just a business, it’s a passion.

Community Involvement

Nestlé Purina PetCare has a rich history of community involvement in Greater St. Louis (their world headquarters for pet food) and in the cities where they operate manufacturing facilities. Purina supports causes such as animal welfare and the education and well being of disadvantaged youth. They prefer to support established organizations with diverse boards, effective leadership, clear objectives, sound financial practices and multiple sources of support. Nationwide, Purina supports established animal shelters, rescue groups and foster care organizations with our Pets for People programs.

Sponsorships & Partnerships

Nestle Purina PetCare is visible across the country at events where they have partnered with key retailers to gain awareness and interest in their products. These partnerships focus on strategic business-building opportunities that can reach a large audience and positively impact product sales. While there are many sponsorship opportunities worthy of consideration, Purina will not consider support for unsolicited motor sports, youth sports, amateur sports, media co-op programs or event ticket and hospitality packages. A six-month lead-time is required of any potential sponsorship opportunity.

The Purina Incredible Dog Team

Whether snatching flying discs out of the air or taking a running leap off a trainer’s back, the Purina Incredible Dog Team exemplifies precision dog training. These incredible dogs have traveled across the country performing at halftime shows, on television programs and a variety of other public events. The Purina Incredible Dog Team is available to perform at locations across the country in a variety of experiential event settings. A fee is negotiated depending on the event type, size and location. In general, they prefer family-oriented events with a large consumer audience.